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Welcome To EfactorAntennas.Com
Antennas for 144 Mhz & 432 Mhz Base or Mobile.

Welcome to Efactorantennas.com where antennas are made for vhf and uhf amateur radio. The Efactor single and dual-band versions are horizontally polarized and are tuned for the 144/432 mhz SSB & CW frequencies with a remarkable low swr. Gain figures of 1.5 dbd on 144 and 3.2 dbd on 432, this was verified at the Southeastern VHF Conference in 2005. The construction and materials are made of #6061 aluminum and stainless steel for durability and performance. The Efactor is made of ¼” solid aluminum rod so no worries of it bending or collapsing. It is also designed to work in all types of weather conditions and key connections are sealed for rainy weather so you don’t have to deal with any changing swr or mismatch problems.  The Efactor can be found through out the USA and overseas. One customer Marshall Williams “K5QE” has purchased several Efactors for rovering during VHF/UHF contests, read his comments on the reviews / comments page. Gordon West my most famous customer owns a Efactor Dual-Band that he has installed on his communications van. Gordon has a remarkable contact that he was excited to tell us about at the Huntsville 2005 Hamfest, read about his long haul contact on the photo's hamfest page. If you need a antenna that is small, durable, well constructed, and has a single feedline connection this is the antenna you need. The Efactor is the first true dual-band VHF/UHF base/mobile antenna ever made, just ask Gordon West " WB6NOA", try it you will not be disappointed. Check out Gordon's article on the Efactorantenna in CQ VHF Magazine Summer 2008 Edition, the Efactor antenna is the only dual-band antenna of its kind on the market.


Look what a long time customer said about the Efactor Antennas.

Hi David,

I've run the 144/432 efactor antennas for 10 years (or maybe more) using mag
mounts on both my car & truck. I drive up and down the US East Coast from
Mass. to NC & Florida quite often and the efactor's have been great. The
single feedline really makes this antenna easy to use with a TS2000 or IC706
or any number of 144.432 vhf radios.

73 Mark Casey, K1MAP, Hampden, Massachusetts


Efactor 144/432 Mhz Dual-Band.


Efactor 144 Mhz Stacked Set  " Double the Gain"

" NEW " 144/432 Stacked Set " NEW "



EFactor 144 Mhz 3/8 U-bolt mount.


The N0IRS bike mobile. Check out his live OSO's on the Dual-Band Efactor with this link. Proof that the Efactor Dual-band loop works!